..Just Today..

I’ll start with Alhamdulillah thanks to God and smile, not a criticism. I’ll appreciate every second, every minutes, and every hours, because every second can’t be pulled back…..

 Today, i’ll not waste my time, like a day ago i am wasting time…

 Today i will not fill my life with worry about everything will happen tomorrow.. I’ll use my time to make my dream come true. Today i learn again, to change my self….

Today i’ll fill my life with work. I leave an idea that always say : I’ll do something if the condition is change. Even if the condition is same, with Allah i will be succes with something that i have…

 Today i will stop to say : I don’t have more time, because i know, i don’t have time for anything. If i wanna get a time, I have to leave it free…

Today i will pass my time like my time is end. I will do the best and i will not suspend till tomorrow. Because tomorrow, i might have pass away….


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