Dago Pakar Water Treatment Plant

Bandung was one of the major cities in Indonesia, where indigenous and immigrant populations grown each year. It affects the demand for clean water to meet the needs of everyday life. With increasing population also will increase the amount of water required. To meet the growing demand for clean water increases, the city of Bandung to make a water treatment plant (WTP) with one of its branches located in areas north of Dago Pakar Bandung. Dago Pakar treatment plant have the raw water discharge 600 l / sec. Source of raw water comes from rivers Cikapundung. The units are located in Dago Pakar water treatment plant consists of a bar screen, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. All hydraulic operated units to reduce processing costs and reduce the energy required. Besides getting a sufficient quantity to meet the water needs of the population in Bandung, hence quality becomes one of the things that must be considered, as well as continuity. Produced water quality regulations are base on PERMENKES NO.907/MENKES/SK/2002. Water quality WTP Dago Pakar has been in accordance with the standard at these rules. Evaluation of water treatment plant was conducted to evaluate the performance of each unit of processing conditions, improve the performance of processing units, and repair units are experiencing physical changes annually. The result from evalution process show that, water treatment plant at Dago Pakar are on a good performance. Thus, the Regional Water Company (PDAM) Bandung can continue to meet the needs of clean water for all residents.

Keywords: water treatment plant, water supply, taps, Bandung, raw water, standard quality


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