He taught me, Consistency !

“Bi iyya, makannya duduk tahu, ga bole bediri.. Ari ke dede bilang duduk, biiyya bediri…… iiiihhh”

😮 , 😀

I heard it from my younger nephew, maybe five or six years old. Well, it shocking me! Oh, what a shame! :-O

Everyday, if i met him when he was eating while standing, i always said, “Dede makannya duduk, ntar kek yahudi, mau nggak ntar di tembakin pistol, mati geura, ga bakal ketemu si ayah sama si ibu,, cepet duduk!” . Well, maybe i was like a psikopat :D. But it was powerfull to made him sat down everytime he ate.

Honestly, i don’t know, his habbit when he was eating if i didn’t see him, maybe he still stood or ran maybe with his friend…

But a while ago, he yelled to me that statement. Because he saw me, eating while standing in front of kitchen.. Astaghfirullah.. What a shame!

Oh, Although he was a brat child. Well I thought that he loved yell, running at the room, and sometimes he made my home like building rupture, but he was a great child, who taught me about “Please did what you said!” ..

Love you dear, deedee.. 😉 :p


** Please correct if i made a mistake for the tenses and grammar, Thanks


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