Tangkuban Perahu Mount

Yesterday, i went to Tangkuban perahu with my family. My dad, my mom, and my older sister brother, and of course my cousin and my nephew. The landscape looked amazing for me. Because it is the first time i came here for my whole life. I think that Tangkuban perahu is one of the best scenery in West Java. You can see the volcano, the forest, western people also, hehe. Here the photos i took yesterday..

Tangkuban Perahu had three crater, Ratu crater, Upas crater, and Domas Crater. According to security there, tangkuban perahu had a new crater, near Upas crater. You can see from the last photos above, Domas and Ratu crater were the most active volcano as part of Tangkuban Perahu mount. But, at Ratu crater, you just could see the crater  from the top of crater. Whereas, at the Domas crater, you can get down to the crater, you can boil the egg at the boiling water from the volcano, you can soak the leg at the pool, you can see gas came out from the stone, and also you can see the best view.. What amazing view!!

when i went back to the parking area from the domas crater, i met two tourist from Arabian. Because the road was so long and we should climb to reached the parking area, i felt so tired.

One of the tourist, ask me, “Do you feel so tired miss?”.

I said : “Yes of course, sir”.

“Do you want me to piggy back you?”

“Oh, no thanks, sir,, hehe”

Then, they climbed so fast in front of us. But, suddenly, they stopped, and asked to my brother. But, my brother didn’t understand, what they said. Then, he called me.

“Do you can speak english arabian?”

“Yes, english, sir, can i help u?”

“I wanna see the active volcano, where should we go?” they asked me.

“Oh, this is not the right way, you should go down until you find the rest paviliun area, and you can see the crater”

“Oh, ok thanks”

“you’re welcome”

Hahahaa.. aku pun tertawa, karena ternyata si guidenya nggak ngerti si turis itu ngomong apa. Ya saalaaam.. kocak abis..


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