Really something :)

There was no enemy that can’t be conquered by love.

There is no disease that can’t be cured by love.

There was no hostility that can’t be condoned by the sincerity.

There is no difficulty that can’t be solved by perseverance.

There’s no hard stone that can’t be solved by patience.

All of that must come from your heart.

Speak the language of the heart up, it will get to the heart.

Success is not simply how hard the muscles are and how sharp your brain, but also how soft your heart in living things.

You don’t stop the crying of a baby just by hold her in strong arms.

Or, to persuade him with a variety of candy and sweet words.

You have to hold it until he felt a calm heartbeat deep inside your chest.

Start by softening hearts before giving it to your success..

keep shining keep inspiring, dear friend.. 🙂

Thrusday, 23th February. 12:14:15 am


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