Short Story

Many roads lead to Rome, that’s a statement I often hear, in my country of course. But instead of Rome Italy, friend, deifying was the dream. hehe. :p

This article was inspired after reading the book How to touch the heart, written by Abbas Asiisiy. In this book reveals how we can lure others to learn Islam. The author brings a lot of the views of Imam Hasan Al Banna, written in fairly easy to understand. After reading the book I got a conclusion, I feel, that dakwah (i think u  have heard this word, right?) should not always be done formally in a prominent missionary organization. Because every utterance, action, and writing that is based on faith and his struggle to uphold the deen (Islam), it is dakwah. Da’wah is to invite people with wisdom and good advice and took them out of the darkness of ignorance (you know, arabian called jahiliyah) into the light of Islam.

In the book, stated that the mission can be done through small things are often considered trivial and underestimated by us or we don’t even realize that we are preaching (dakwah) them. Small example is to give a smile to someone else when we met. In the Hadits was explained that the smile is charity to our brother (Tabassumuka fii wajhi akhiika shadaqah). With a smile, you can give positive energy to those who viewed it. Of course, it could be a characteristic of a preacher  who could make the dakwah’s object captivated by her warm smile and full faith. Smile may seem trivial but it had a positive impact to attract others .. So don’t forget to smile bro and sist ..

In addition, it explained other things as innocuous as memorizing names. Sometimes we often forget, the name of the person who had become acquainted with us. Because we don’t use the heart everytime we met others. Only as a formality when we met. Yet when we meet again, it would make people impressed to us. From this book I got a confirmation that, actions, deeds, words, writing as a true Moslem can inspire people around. Without knowing, people around us often pay attention to our behaviour as Moslem.

Many other things contained in this book, especially when we do “dakwah fardhiyah” (inviting people personally), all things are actually very simple and everyone can do it without any special skills, well u can do it too. But u should remember that it must be supported by faith and sincerity to Allah swt (that is the best things), and always praying for His protection.

In this book I got the idea, if we want to persuade people to Islam we should be creative and innovative, good at knowing what the desired object , we must have a gentle soul which full of faith. Well, Indeed dakwa is not difficult and is not heavy when we passed it with great sincerity.

I had an interesting experience related to dakwah, but I wasn’t intentionally to do that. At first it was just a normal conversation with friends who I had met when 2nd level at my university. Usually we do, hang out at TU TL (administration office at my university) after the lecture or waiting for the next lecture. We used to held a conversation, watching video, had a discussion, and so on.

One day, the girls began to ask me, “why did I wear jilbab (hijab) as wide and as thick as that? Did u not feel hot?” Or even they asked things related to our assigmment at the class. Hehe. The  most interesting is that they never want to sit with me when we had a test (midtest or final test), haha.. It was very hard to cheating beside me, they said.

well, i didn’t know the time, i didn’t remember when it is, hehe. But suddenly they asked me to teach them about Islam. The forum discussion about islam that i told u, it is halaqah/mentoring, it was pretty known here. So i managed their mentoring.

I was shocked at first when they asked that, then I said, “Hayu” (I mean, of course u can). Then I searched the mentor (teacher) to taught them . Alhamdulillah, until now they still had mentoring. one day I was idly wondering, why would they want to join a mentoring?

They replied, “I want to be like you anyway .. Respected by the men and no one dared to touch you, even though the end of your cloth .. “.. Subhanallah, I was deeply moved.. Hehe. Really touched. 🙂

The second story, you know many girls told me about their boyfriend. Somehow I feel an expert about love, whereas I never dated a boyfriend during my life (until this minutes, Haha). Well, I had ever love someone, of course it’s natural for a human being, am i wrong? Hihi.. Finally, they often told me about their boyfriend and their life.

One day, one of my friend asked me like this, ” How womans like you, can’t date a boyfriend?” . I was confused how I answered that question.  I just replied her like this, “Because , I hold the principle,There’s someone waiting for me, just wait and pray‘. It was enough to make me still being single. Hehe.  I replied, laughing in the end.

At very last she broke up with her boyfriend and wore a hijab. Ouch, subhanalah. Than I asked her why she broke up and decided to wear hijab. Guess what her answer was? Hehe.. May Allah give guidance to her, amen ..

Another story is by approaching them personally and emotionally. I had a friend, familiar from the first level at university but we got close after in the same class. Well she was simple outgoing person. But sometimes still so childdish (like me, hoho). One time she called me a role model. She was an adorable girl, even I’d scold her, but she just smile and laugh at me. She always think that i’m her role model, her sister. But, i know my self is not the best person so i should learn Islam more to give her my best. Well,  i try to be the best one in eyes of Allah, of course.

Well, that’s experience happened accidental, i didn’t intend to do that. Eventhough i  am still to get them to learn Islam, but you know? I can’t force it.

So, without realizing everything in ourselves, maybe the people around us thought that we are a role model for them. Well after reading this book for the second time, I understand that inviting people personally to learn Islam has a greater impact than a formal way like Islamic event called “tablgih akbar”. So, if u want your family or friends to learn islam, u should attract their attention with your behaviour as a Moslems.

Thursday, 03.54 am at my office (i’m sorry, i wrote it while i was working at my office, so i hope u get my point.. 🙂  )


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