Coz u’re amazing :)

Cause, you are amazing just the way you are..
I see your face, i see your smile..
I can see how smart you are, how beautiful you are, eventhough just talk to you..
And eventhough you are always steal my opinion, before i write it down here..
But still, i fell for you.. 🙂
Even you thought that you’re childish, but still i like you..
Cause if you’re childish, you wouldn’t like that,,
I was wondering, why am I always getting busy with how am I look like, how am I differrent from others?
What is that?
Oh, come on. Could I stop fighting each other, beating each other in many many differencies?
Why I don’t try to embrace, smile, pray each other?
Then, Have I thought about the judgment day for one moment????

3 thoughts on “Coz u’re amazing :)

  1. wow sri,,i’m so surprised, i’m shocked!! i didn’t realize that i mean so much for u, ’till i read this!!
    oh,,so sweet <3<3
    keep writing those good things bout ur feeling to me,,ok? 😉
    =)) =)) =))

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