Career woman Or A Good Housewife?

What do you think about career woman? Well, i just want to write my opinion about it. You needn’t agree with my opinion, because i think you have your own opinion. hehe

A career woman, sometimes career girl, is a woman, married or not, who pursues a career to make a living and for personal advancement, rather than being a housewife without occupation outside the home. The term came into use when women were expected to marry and become housewives. (

In my mind, a career woman is a woman married and have children or being a housewife. I think, being a wife and a mother is the most top career for me as a woman. But it’s not only being a housewife but also you still can do many things in your life.

I don’t know, when someone asked me about these things, i just talked to her, well i just wanna live happily with my husband and my children. Its not that i can’t handle anything, but i just want to concentrate in my job as a wife and a mom. If some women say that you can earn money more if you work, but i think  you can be an entrepreuner mom, right? and you needn’t go to office because you can do those things in your home while you can rise your children.

In the end, everyone has their own opinion and own life. Maybe, some women think that they have to work to increase the family income, but some of them think that its more good to be a housewife than a career woman. Then, well its up to you. Cause that is your own life.  And, for you as a woman or a girl (what is the different?? Oo i don’t know :-D), don’t forget to discuss everything with your husband as an imam. 🙂

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#still learning  to write an english essay.. If you read this article please give an advice to my english ability, such as grammar or structure of those sentences.. Ca, Thanks 🙂


4 thoughts on “Career woman Or A Good Housewife?

  1. The thing is that it depends on what you call a career. I agree with you that the top career is raising good kids (or children, not childs 😉 ). Raising kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work. It means you keep track of what is more important in life; deadlines or children….

    • what a shocked ! Oooo.. i’m ashamed of you.. *blushing

      how did you get here??
      what are you doing here??
      do you still remember my blog?? 😀

      well, yeah, you’re right, Sir..
      Raising kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work… i’ll keep it in mind..

      • I have read that some woman get stress if she don’t has career outside the home. I think woman need to actualize herself, but she also want to be a good housewife. So I think, she must find a right job such as teacher,lecturer,trader etc which don’t spend a lot of her time

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