Enter Title In Your Mind

We sometimes ask, “why do they get everything so easily?”, or “why their lifes are so easy?”, “why do i not like them?” , “why my life is so hard??”, thereafter so many “why” come to your mind. I must say, “could you stop asking why?”. Or, “would you mind to trust everything in your life in Allah hands?”. You know guys, the one wrong is your mindset.

I know, sometimes if we are not able to get anything we want, we will always question the destiny of Allah. Why, why, and why.. We know,  Allah said : Make it prayer and pattience as your helper. But, in fact, sometimes we are not able to implement it. Then we just keep questioning why. We forget to say Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah for everything. Hufffftttt..

So, lets stop asking, why we don’t get what we want ?! Because Allah knows the best for us and Allah always gives what we need not what we want. Because sometimes, what we want isn’t something we need. Then don’t just pray for an easy life. But pray for the strength to endure the hard one.

If you think, their lives are really easy, i’m sorry but i think  “you just dont know their suffering”. Something you look good from the outside, it doesn’t always mean good from the inside. The more you ask why, the more you get disappointed. So, just thankful for everything in your life, and you will always be happy 🙂



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