Ana Uhibbukifillah

If you ask me about love
And what i know about it
My answer would be
It’s everything about Allah
The pure love, to our souls
The creator of you and me,the heaven and whole universe
The one that made us whole and free
The guardian of His true believers

By  Maher Zain  , Always be there

Love is a gift of Allah. Can come to anyone. It doesn’t see gender and regardless of age. Not looking at the status, degrees, and dignity. Not looking at power. Anyone can feel the love. And anyone can be disappointed by love. It happens all around us..

Love, comes by itself  and doesn’t ask for a ride home. Independent. It was able to walk alone in the heart. Everyone, must have felt it. Even as cold as any man would ever feel it.

Sometimes without you realize it, love taught a sense of life. There are laughter and tears. There is disappointment, there is pride. Once upon a time to understand, and time to forgive. Spinning, like a circle of the wheel..

That’s a word called love, feels lovely and soothing. But sometimes slicing and sad …

A life started with Love. I was here because my parents’s love. Similarly  yourselves, friends. But sometimes, you know, we separated out of love too. It’s rather confusing.

But people sometimes blame love. For love, man hanged himself to death. For love, people are willing to provide the best gold. For love, all look so beautiful.

That’s called love. Sometimes confusing. Sometimes surprising. Sometimes make quizzically. This thing called love, I just can’t handle it. This thing called love, I must get round to it. I ain’t ready. Yes, crazy little thing called love.

 (Crazy Little called love the Thai movie)

You know, the one thing I know is Allah will give someone the best for us, when you ready for that. Trust me it works, hehe.. Hmm.. No, don’t trust me, just trust Allah.. 😉 .

I will be happy, if someone tell me, “I love you, for the sake of Allah”. Then, I’ll reply, “May Allah loves you because you love me for His sake”. (Narrated by Abu Daud)

*nulis apa gue, aduh bosan


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