Belle Femme

 “All events, no matter how severe, would deal directly with the spaciousness in the near future”. 

Muslim mother with her two children in Australia

O woman, with beauty that you have, the more graceful than the sun ..
With the morality that you have, the more fragrant than musk ..
With inferiority that you have, higher than the moon ..
By the nature of motherhood that you have, the more refreshing than the rain ..
Therefore keep your beauty with the faith, keep your sincerity, and guard the sanctity of life that the hijab.

Know that the jewelry she did not lie in the gold and silver, and not the diamond that you are using, but on the rak’ah at the end of the night, thirsty in the middle of a sunny day because fasting for Allah, Sadaqah is hidden and no one knows but Allah , warm tears that cleans sins, bowed down over a long stretch of sejadah, and shame on the evil and the impulse of Allah when the devil came to tempt seduction.

Make taqwa is like your clothes, you will undoubtedly be the most beautiful woman in the world despite the patchwork clothes. Make sense of shame as your clothes, you will undoubtedly be the most elegant woman in the world, even if you do bare feet.

Avoid the pattern of life as Fasiq women and non-Muslims, who like to show its appeal to attract men, and make his body as a commodity of men without regard to moral norms, because they are fuel Hell.

“In every part of your life will inevitably encounter the dark side. Nothing else for you to address them, except by turning on a lamp from yourself “


photo source : om google


One thought on “Belle Femme

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