The wheel of life rotate by time that has been established by Ar-Rahman. Everyday,  all humans are moving towards death, then moving on, and risking themselves. There are help and there are harm.

There are many lessons to be learned from life’s journey. The lucky person is the person who can learn from experiences of others. And the unlucky person is the person who becomes a lesson for others.

Life, certainly has a lot of obstacle and challenge, along with the world which is where test and trial for men. Nobody can avoid this. But actually, it’s just depends on yourself, to keep stand strong through the obstacle, or vanish into the abyss of humiliation.

Tawheed, a case which Allah swt sent the prophets and holy books. And because of it, Allah swt created Jinn and human. Allah said in Quran Surah Adz-Dzariyat verse 56 “ And I created Jinn and men, only for them to worship-Me”. The meaning is Allah swt, the One and only should be worshiped in every prayer.

Humans, are not created in vain and let it alone. Not just for eat and drink, also not for build many high palaces, and so on. Not just split the river and plant the tree. And not just for another dunya things. But, they are created to worship Allah swt and to praise Allah swt. To always hold fast His commands and avoid His prohibitions. To do His laws. In order to expose their faces to Allah swt and guide them to fulfill Allah rights.

Is the right of Allah swt over the humans as His servants in every time that passed in their lifes, that is fulfill the ‘ubudiyah obligations’ are dedicated to Allah and do good to get closer to Allah. If we fill our times with prayer, we would come forward to Allah swt. Conversely, if we fill with passions, daydream, and waste times, we would retreat to the rear.

A human, if doesn’t move forward, so will retreat to the rear. There isn’t stop in the middle of the way. A servant never stop walking. That is the moments of life are passed quickly to heaven or hell. Some are moving fast and some are moving slow. But in fact, in this life there is a different direction and purpose, and there is also a different speed.

And indeed, the most glorious contents of Al-Qur’an is an explanation about Allah rights over His servants and an explanation of matters contrary to it. The right to worship Allah swt is purifying the worship just for Him alone and His Onesses of the worship. While the explanation of the case contrary to it is Shirk, unforgivable sin.

May all we, be able to live as a true believer in treading each piece of our diary.



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