That day..

That day, I went back to a place that was familiar to me. But, How odd! A lot of people don’t usually out of this place.

“Oh, mom, dad, sister, brother, why did you look so sad? Why was everyone crying? What’s the matter?” I asked myself.
I was realized, there was a person who died, but who was that?
“Mom, dad, sisters, and brothers, they were here. Then who died?”

I came closer where people swarmed the death body. Surprising, that death body was me.

That day, I was very spoiled. For the bath, I had to be bathed. All over my body opened. There was no single yarn covering me. There’s not a shame. All over my body, scrubbed and washed. And all holes in my body was corked with white cotton. That’s me, my body was lifeless.

After bathed, I was dressed with a beautiful white dress, the fabric is rarely used. Because the well-known brand name called a shroud. Fragrances sown into my dress. The head, body, and my feet was tied. Look! That’s my body, a lifeless heap.
The vehicle that will escort, directly prepared. And I was lying alone. I paraded around the village. To a place as a symbol of eternity origin. I was accompanied by step slow of the whole family.

Finally, it was time.. Waiting, left alone in the grave, to account for all steps of my life. And when one by one footstep was going to leave me. When the seventh last step left me. I would be questioned by the Angel. I do not know wether to obtain favors the grave or wether I will get punishment of the grave..

I do not know and no one knows. But strangely, I never felt frightened. Though I don’t know favors or punishment which I will receive. I was embarrassed to tears. As a very expensive valuable. And He, my Beloved, assign me to heaven..
But, whether my attitude was appropriate for this?
To be called as an Ahlu Jannah..

So, the fighters of Allah, what’s all this time we have, given for this mission and Deen? Are we just preoccupied with issues that dwellon yourself alone? Is dakwa and tarbiyah only as a side course, if it had? Do we just give the rest of the time, energy, and treasure for the mission? Come to shura and halaqah with the rest of your time and energy, till the body is tired, the mind is saturated, and the eyes were so sleepy? Its still good likely than not attend because it was tired and sleepy..


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