When will they come?

When will that generation come?

The Generation who will accelerate the glory of Islam. The generation who will fight for dakwa wholehearted. The generation who will give all their have for Islam. The generation who won’t ask, “what can I get from this dakwa?” but the generation who ask, “ what have I given for dakwa?”. Or will cry when Jihad called but he couldn’t leave because of his condition, not because ‘pretended can not” with thousand kinds of reason. The generation who have sold their property, themselves, and even their soul for heaven. The generation who believe in Fiqrah Islam and proud to fight it.

When will that generation come?

A generation such as Abu Bakr Ash-Shiddiq ra who gave (Infaq) all his property for dakwa, who always cried when read the Qur’an. Not the generation who don’t feel anything to His word (in the Qur’an) and very little to give her property.

When will that generation come?

A generation such as Umar ibn Khaththab ra who dared to say, “Who wants their children to be fatherless and his wife a widow, then blocked me in hijrah (exile)”. Who fainted when heard His word “Indeed Lord’s doom inevitable” because he felt that that words are for him. Umar who had balck sign in his face because tears flow very often. Umar who shouldered the rice by himself which will given to his people, though He was a Khalifaa at that time. Umar who said, “How can I take a rest? Because if I take a rest in daytime I will oppress my people. And if I sleep in night, I will oppress my right to get closer to Allah swt”

When will that generation come?

A generation who more like fighting in cold night than with his wife on wedding night. A generation who not easy to complain to the human. A generation doesn’t many adulterous especially great sinners. A generation who believes that Allah is jealous of him when he turned against his intention. A generation that missed Syahid. A generation that more like death in His way. A generation that always hold his promise to Allah and doesn’t change his promise a bit.

When will that generation come?

Is it just a history of that generation who passed away and will not reappear? Or whether it’s generation would only be a distant memory? Or that generation are our generation that many of these sins (is it possible?). we who come late in our dakwa meeting and think that its natural because “I am a busy man”. And we really understand about the importance of time in Islam.

Is the victory of Islam is near? There are many question that I want to ask to myself and all we about the importance of sincerity, totality, jihad, and charity. So we can get our victory back. So the Ummah won’t be sad after many slander (Fitnah) from Allah’s enemies.

Yaa Allah, the Merciful and Forgiving, forgive us who has not been able to do their best to fight for this dakwa. O Allah, make us a good people who appreciate the pleasure of fighting in this way. Make us Your soldiers are ready to fight when You call anywhere and anytime.

In order for us to be with the Syuhada, Rasulullah saw. Let us call upon You, Ya Rabb..

Allahu a’lam


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