Father and Son

It was Friday morning. I was standing in front of garage. I was enjoying the sun, when i saw a young father with his son walking slowly along across the road. They seemed to be talking very happily to each other. “I think he is taking his son for a walk while his wife is cooking,” i thought. “He is a good father and good husband” . 😀

Just then, the cild began to cry loudly. I saw the child liked to go down towards the stall, while his father wanted to go home. I thought ” Maybe the food will be ready and if they are late, the food will spoil. His mother will be angry”

The child cried louder and the young father refused to let his son go to the stall. I was very interested to see how the young father behaved towards the child. He didn’t become angry, but said in a quiet voice.

“It will be all right Azzam. Keep calm, Azzam. Don’t be angry, Azzam” said the young father quietly.

I got up, went towards him and said “May I congratulate you, sir?! You are behaving wisely. You know how to treat your child very well. You are so calm with him. Is your child’s name, Azzam?”

“No, it isn’t” answered the young father. “His name is Kamil. I am Azzam”

I just said, “Oooo…” (in shock mode on)..


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