It’s about Fathima and ‘Ali

There is a secret in Ali’s deep heart that never told to anyone. Fathimah, his little friend, dearest daughter of Rasulullah, the Prophet Muhammad, and his cousin as well, has captivated his heart. Her modesty, her faith, her agility work, and her appearance..

Look at that girl, one day when his father back to home with bleeding wounds and his head was smeared by camel entrails, she carefully cleaned and wiped it with love. She burnt the rag and put it on the wounds to stop bleeding.

She did all of it with misting eyes and crying hearts. Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah, Al-Amin, don’t deserve to be treated such by his people! Then the young girl come up! She bravely walked to Kaaba. There are, the leaders of Quraysh was laughing to their action to Rasulullah, the Prophet, suddenly gripped by silence. Fathimah scolded them. Time seemed to stop, did not give a chance to their bitch mouth to replied.

Awesome !

‘Ali didn’t know whether that feeling is love.

Yet, he was startled when one day heard the shocking news. Fathimah got a proposal marriage from the most familiar and closed man to the Prophet. A man who defended Islam with his proverty and soul since the first treatise of Rasulullah. And no doubt to his faith and his akhlaq (behaviour), Abu Bakr Ash-Shiddiq, r.a. 

“Allahu tested me”, he mumbled.

He felt tested because he thought that who I am compared to Abu Bakr. Position beside the Prophet? Abu Bakr was more mainstream. Perhaps because he wasn’t the Prophet’s close relative as ‘Ali, but his faith to Allah and His Rasul unparalleled.

Look at how Abu Bakr became friends in Hijrah of the Prophet, while ‘Ali in charge to replacing him to await death in bed. Look at how Abu Bakr did dakwa. Look at how many nobles and merchants in Mecca who converted (Hijrah) to Islam because of Abu Bakr ; ’Utsman ibn Affan, ’Abdurrahman ibn ’Auf, Thalhah, Zubair, Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqash, Mush’ab ibn Umair. Look at how many muslim slaves who were freed and the faqirs were defended by Abu Bakr; Bilal ibn Rabbah, Khabbab, Yassir families, ’Abdullah ibn Mas’ud.

This is impossible to do by a child less socially as ‘Ali.

And who slaves were freed by ‘Ali??

From the financial side, Abu Bakr was a merchant, inshaAllah could make Fathimah happier. ‘Ali just a poor youngman from poor family.

“This is brotherhood and love”, ‘Ali mumbled.

“I prioritized Abu Bakr than myself, I prioritized Fathimah’s happiness than my love”.

Love never asks for waiting. It takes the chance or let it go. It is the courage or sacrifice. 

Times passed, Allah turned out to regrow shoots in his heart that had withered. Abu Bakr’s marriage proposal to Fathima was turned down. And ‘Ali continued to keep his spirit to prepare himself.

Well, his test was not over.

After Abu Bakr got turned down, someone came to propose marriage to Fathima. Another valiant and mighty man. A man, from the first he converted (Hijrah) to Islam, made the Muslimin dared to lift up the face, made Syaithan running scared and the enemies of Allah to its knees.

‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab. Yes, Al-faruq, the separation of Haq and Bathil, came to propose marriage to Fathima.

‘Umar was later converted (Hijrah) to Islam, about 3 years after Abu Bakr and ‘Ali. But, who dared to doubt his sincerity?

Anyone who doubted his intelligence to pursue understanding? Anyone who doubted all that great defense only ‘Umar and Hamzah who can give it to the Muslims?

And more than that..

Ali heard, how often the Prophet said, “ I came with Abu Bakr and Umar, I went out with Abu Bakr and ‘Umar, and I went along with Abu Bakr and ‘Umar”

Look at how high his position beside the Prophet, Fathima’s father. Then, tried to compared how ‘Ali and ‘Umar when converted to Islam. ‘Ali followed the Prophet by stealth, in pursuit of the enemy who was frustrated because they couldn’t find Rasulullah Shallallaahu ’Alaihi wa Sallam. ‘Ali just dared to walk on night. And in the noon, he soughts the shadows of the surroundings hills of sand. Waiting and hiding.

‘Umar had left earlier. He did ‘thawaf’ seven times, and rise to the top of Kaaba.

“ Yaa, Quraysh”

“Today, the son of AL-Khattab will convert to Islam”

“Anyone who wants his wife widowed, orphaned children, and his mother mourned without ceasing, please prevent, “ ‘Umar behind this hill !”.

‘Umar was a brave man. ‘Ali realized it. Judged by all the terms in the eyes of many, ‘Ali was not ready to marry. Moreover, married Fathima bint Muhammad! Of course not! ‘Umar is much more feasible. And ‘Ali knew about it.

Love never asks for waiting. 

It takes a chance. That is courage.

Or let the chance. That is sacrifice.

‘Ali was so confused when that news burst. The proposal marriage from ‘Umar was turned down as well.

What kind of son-in law would Rasulullah desired?

Who like Utsman, the billionaire? Who has married Ruqayyah bint Muhammad, the Prophet?

Who like Abul ‘Ash ibn Rabi’? one of Quraysh merchant? The husband of Zainab bint Muhammad, the Prophet?

Well, the two son-in law of Rasulullah made him lose his confident. Among the Muhajirrin, only ‘Abdurrahman ibn ‘Auf equivalent to those. Or, perhaps Rasulullah wanted to take a son in law from Anshar, to strengthen kinship with them?

Sa’d ibn Mu’adz, the handsome and elegant leader of Aus?

Or, Sa’d ibn ‘Ubadah, the vigorous leader of Khajraz?

‘Ali questioning himself.

“why don’t you try, bro?” the state from his Anshar’s friend wake his dreaming up.

“why you don’t try to propose marriage to Fathima? I have a feeling, that you are a long-waited by Rasulullah”

“am I?”

“Yes, you are”

“I’m just a poor boy. What can count on?”

“We are behind you, friend! May Allah help you!”

Then  ‘Ali came to Rasulullah. So with courage, conveyed his desire to marry Fathima. Yes, marry her. He knew, economically he promised nothing. He only had one set of armor plus inventory meal to eat.

But, asked to wait two or three years to make preparation? That’s shamefull!

Ask fathima to wait until he get ready? Its really childish!

“You are a true man, ‘Ali” his heart mumbled.

A man who is ready to responsible for his love. A man who is ready to assume the risks of his choice. A man who believe that Allah is Rich.

His marriage proposal was answered, “ Ahlan wa sahlan!”

That statement glide quietly with Rasulullah’s smile. ‘Ali was confused, at that moment.

What did it mean? That welcome greeting is difficult to be said as signal reception or rejection. Or, perhaps Rasulullah was confused to answer as well. Perhaps not now. But, he get ready to be rejected. That is the risk.

And clarity is lighter than burden of unanswered question. Moreover, keep bottled inside the heart as a boat without harbor,, Ah, its even more painful.

“what did Rasulullah answer? How is your proposal?”

“I don’t know”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think, whether ‘Ahlan wa Sahlan’ means an answer?”

“How stupid!” said them

“Eh, sorry friend. We mean, one is enough and you get two! Ahlan means ‘yes’. Sahlan as well. And you got Alhan wa Sahlan! It’s both ‘yes’!

Then, ‘Ali married Fathimah. By mortgaging his armor. With a house that originally wanted to donate from his friend, but Rasulullah insisted that he had to pay the mortgage. That debt.

With courage to sacrificed his love for Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, and Fathima.

With courage to married.


Not a promise.

‘Ali is a true gentleman.

No wonder if Arabian youngman had a yell, ““Laa fatan illa ‘Aliyyan! No youngman except ‘Ali!”


This is the love path of Fighters. The path which unite love and all feeling with responsibility.

And here, love never asks for waiting.

Like ‘Ali.

He let it

Or take the chance.

First is sacrifice. And the second is courage.


And, don’t you know? What did Fathimah do? In a history, one day when they got married, Fathimah said to ‘Ali :

“I’m so sorry, because before I married to you. I have ever felt in love to a youngman”

‘Ali was shocked and said, “Then, why did you marry me? And who is the youngman?”

While smiling, Fathima said, “ Yes, because that youngman is you”

Taken from book of Salim A Fillah, “Jalan Cinta para Pejuang” (The love path of Fighter)

So, do you want to feel a love story that even Syaithan don’t know your feeling, like ‘Ali and Fathima did? So, stop telling your feeling to anyone, just telling it to owner of your heart, Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. And, stop comparing your love story to those movies, because your love story was written by Allah. Your destiny has determined a long time ago, your Rizq, your mate, and your death.

Choose to see and feel the Love that is all around you. The Love exists whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.


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