At Sinjai

I am in Grand Rofina Hotel of Sinjai, one town of South Sulawesi now. Well, i like the sceneries. Traditional, and i found many masjid (mosque) here. And i appreciated to how they treat the masjid. When, the adhaan heard they (the people here) would go to masjid and prayer together. Wow, such a wonderfull thing, to be honest, i never saw it in my area. Men, women, and children prayed together in everytime prayer. But, it doesn’t mean, in my area the people didn’t go to masjid, they did, but you counted it by finger. Hehe

One of ummah’s problems, how to strengthen the Muslims heart to masjid. One among the people who could go heaven is a person whose heart is attached to the masjid. Just correct me,if  i was wrong.

But, i heard that in Sidenreng, Rappang,  the smal town like Sinjai, (well before i was here at Sinjai, i passed through Rappang and had a nice lunch + dinner there) there is people that still animism.. It is strange for me. Haha. feel unbelievable. But that is the fact. Just feel, weird, in such modern life. Hmmm.. there are many homework for the muslim, especially in South Sulawesi.

And, the most familiar about South Sulawesi, beside Cotto Makasar or Soup Konro, you know what Tanah Toraja, and their ‘death party’. Well, yha, i didn’t come to there, just passing through. Hehe

But what i like the most is, no traffic jam, but still hot, and there isn’t a proper highway here (at Sinjai). hehe

Hoahmmm… 11.20 WITA


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