South Sulawesi Cullinaire

Someone told me that Makassar the capital city of South Sulawesi Province is home of Soto. Hehe (peace bro^^).. But the most popular name of Soto there is Cotto Makassar and Sup Konro, made from beef. And, if you would ask me, how the taste? I’m sorry i didn’t eat both of that food, because i don’t like meat. Hehe

When i was there, i was bullied (just kidding and teasing i think) by my Senior, because i didn’t eat them, so he told our colleague, “she don’t eat meat, she just eat ‘friend'”. Haha

But, they really respectfull you know, they didn’t order meat or beef soup, and they ordered fish and grouse meat instead.

Grilled Lamor Fish

Grilled Lamor Fish

I like this fish, the meat is tender and tasty.. Lamor fish with rica-rica (sauce), the original sauce from Makassar.. ^^

Sokko Ayam Palekko

When i was on the way to Sinjai, we stopped in “Warung Ayam Palekko”. Sokko means black glutinous rice. And the spice of the chicken called palekko. The taste its not really good in my tongue, haha, but i like the warm sokko with grated coconut. Mmm.. yummy.. hehe

Fried Grouse Meat with seasoning soup carrot

And this is the little grouse meat called bulereng or something buleleng ( i didn’t hear it correctly, haha), well the taste is like chicken but its flesh is more fibrous than chicken. Hehe.. and its color of meat is red brown like beef.. So, when it is fried the color became dark brown..

Shrimp Rica-Rica

Mmmm.. Its really delicious with rica-rica

So, if you would visit South Sulawesi, don’t forget to try this.. Oke, honey bunny tasty blueberry :-). Have a nice night and enjoy the day.. Whuaaa.. capek bo.. udah harus pergi lagi ke Palu.. -_-“


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