Grateful and Patient

I was so boring on my work, so I think will be best if I read something, then I found these articles about Shabr and Shukr (Grateful and Patient) from PKPU Magazine, so I re-write the article in english on my version, but doesn’t reduce the significance of this article from Ust. Muhammad Suharsono, Lc.

When a person is given the pleasure that making them happy is only natural that she felt that Allah has given them all the best. But in fact now is, did she give thanks for favors granted them? Many people are happy when given the pleasure, but how much do we give thanks to it? (looking on myself). How much pleasure that Allah has given to us? Uncountable and we couldn’t count so much, you know. The favors that we can feel or can’t feel, even many blessings that we unconsciously forget their existence, such as healthy and our free time. Because sometimes we just dwell on the pleasure of the material (materialistic). You know, what I am scared the most? When a person being awfully materialistic.

So, how is the way to realize our grateful for everything we have?

  1. By heart. To be honest, your heart full of sincerity will admit how many blessings Allah has given us.
  2. By oral. We praise to Allah, and saying Alhamdulillah.
  3. By good deed. Our whole body obedience / worship to Allah swt. Obedient to the command is one proof of our gratitude for given pleasure. As perhaps have occured among humans themselves, sometimes when we are given something by others unconsciously we are able to do what he asked, isn’t it? For instance, our dad gave money as long as we want to sweep the floor. Well, as humans can, why couldn’t we do the same to Allah, the owner of our souls? Nah, lhooo.. (glancing at myself)..

Thirdly things above is reflected within our hearts so that yielded flavor that are not satisfied to worship Allah. For instance, Rasulullah, the Messenger of Allah, he is a man of his sin are forgiven, bu he never doesn’t worship Allah, even he is our role model and we have to follow his sunnah. Similarly, Umar ibn Khaththab, despite being guaranteed to go to heaven, but still worried if he belongs to the class of hypocrites. And, what about us?

The partner of grateful is patience. Patience when facing difficulties and always consider that is the best for us. Perhaps many of us can be patient but very few who could feel it as something that best for us. Patience is hard, it takes seriousness to achieve it. But what is clear about is that patience has no end, only death is the limits of our patience and the disconnect from all things worldly.

Almighty Allah states in the Glorious Qur’an, “O you who believe! Persevere and excel in patience.” [Surah 3, Verse 200] Almighty Allah commands you to be patient O believer, and to vie in patience, to remain steadfast, to stay on guard and persevere. In the words of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), “Patience is to faith what the head is to the body.” It is also said that the reward for everything is a measureable quantity, except the reward for patience, which is an unquantifiable amount. As Almighty Allah has said, “Most certainly the steadfast shall be fully rewarded without measure.” [Surah 39, Verse 10]. “ and Allah loves those who wait” [ Surah 3, verse 146].

Grateful and Patience (Shabr wa Shukr) is always co-exist in real life. According to H. Muhammad Suharsono, Lc. “ Shabr and Shukr is a unique characteristic which is owned by Muslims who are not found on other people. Grateful when he gets the pleasure and patience when getting trials and consider them the best things of Allah for us”.

Shabr and Shukr is better than wishing for something that is not possible to go back and happen. Happy or sad is okay but don’t overdo it. While whising is reprehensible because it could open the door entry syaithan. Are you still waiting these days?


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