Silae Palu

Guess, where am I now? Yeah, well I am sitting on the chair at my Room 218 Swiss Belhotel Silae Palu.. Whuaaaa.. Alhamdulillah.. ^^ Thanks to Mr. Richard 🙂

Well, as I was at South Sulawesi, now I am visiting landfill site at Parigi Moutoung, Central Sulawesi. Haha, thanks to Allah, this field trip is very amazing, free all accomodation. Whuaaa..

Thanks Allah, Alhamdulillah… 🙂

Okay, first thing, this is my first time in night flight (not night i think, but it was still dark, about 4.30 am), i was looking out the window of airplane, and saw a beautiful Jakarta in night. Hehe, but it isn’t beautiful when I saw it at morning or noon. But i could’t take the pic because Mr. SLR still in bag. hihi

But, at least after that, I took some picture in sunrise at east Jakarta..

Sunrise at East Jakarta from 3000 feet above sea level

Welcome to Palu Bay

Subhanallah, Allah is the best Creator ever after

Grilled Butterfly Fish at Warung Yulia, Parigi Moutong

Sunset at West Edge of Trans Sulawesi Highway

I wanna tell you something about Trans Sulawesi Highway, along South until North Sulawesi. At the part of this highway, there is a mistery story about “Someone” ordered a painting (you know, the price is really “wow”) and my colleague told me that, “someone” ordered a new car and it was paid, but when the distributor sent that things, the address is one of bend in Trans Sulawesi road. The place called ‘Wentira’, i think it was the local name. Or sometimes, they (local people) called with “Kebon Kopi” (Coffee garden), but it was just ravines and cliffs, i didn’t see a single Coffee tree there hehe. Well, perhaps it is just a story, but this story ever publised at Uka-uka (entertainment local in Indonesia) or you know Tukul Arwana? Yeah, of course you will know,,

But in fact  the local people even bulit a little house for ‘sesajen’ (offerings).  If you would ask me, what am I thinking about? Well, frankly, i dont know whether that story is true or just folklore. But I do believe there are devils, demons, and angels.. 😉

So, now i am writting my field trip on my project report, please enjoy this article..


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