Simple word with full of love

Well, I took the day off this weekend, Alhamdulillah, I could do my private time to read articles and go to Salon. Haha. Yeah, to be honest I just landed from Palu city last night and will take off again tomorrow night to Gorontalo province.

Then I read articles from Dalam Dekapan Ukhuwah Mas Salim A. Fillah, well just remind me for something. Then one of the tittle in that book attracted me, so I will rewrite it for you guys, in my version but won’t reduce the significance of this article.

And its breathe love blew my bud

Then, it blossom into flowers

Iqbal, Payam I Mashriq

His name is Muslim ibn Khalid Az-Zanji. He is an imam, mufti, and faqih of Mecca. He is the student of Imam Muhammad ibn Juraji, the grandson of Atha’ ibn Abi Rabah, and great grandson of Ibnu ‘Abbas radhiyallahu ‘anhuma.

One day, he saw a boy with a good appearance that attracted his heart. His eyes sharp . His face shone. That boy look mumbled himself. And you know, that boy was memorizing the beautiful verses of Arab poetry.

“Would you like to spell what are you trying to memorize, little boy?”

That boy hummed soon. His spelled so eloquently. His grammar is neat. His diction is amazing and melodious voice.

“What is your name young boy?”

“Muhammad ibn Idris”

After he investigated that boy, Muslim ibn Khalid knew that orphan offspring derived from Muthalib ibn ‘Abdi Manaf. And Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam is a great grandson from Hasyim ibn ‘Abdi Manaf, the older brother of Muthalib. It proves that this boy is blue-blooded of Qurayshi.

“what are you doing in this city, my son?” asked Muslim.

“I am learning language, nahwu and its sharaf and memorizing of Arab poetry”

“You know son” said Muslim, “It will great if your eloquent spell and melodious voice is used to keep Sunnah Rasulullah, to send the law of sharia to human, and to teach them fiqh so that they able to understand this dien”

Those word was simple. It is said by a simple way. But he has stinged the boy to learn fiqh and he will be the star along the period. Muslim ibn Khalid Az-Zanji, he has touched the boy’s heart by a true love. That love that

When the boy was 15 years old, he got back to Mecca after his travelling to get wide knowledge. Muslim ibn Khalid Az-Zanji arm and seated him in a place when he used to teach and give fatwa.

“Give fatwa, son” said Muslim. “ Indeed, the time has came for you to give a fatwa”. And the youngman fulfilled his teacher hopes. The teacher’s sting made him could memorize the Qur’an at 7 years old, finished Al’Muwaththa’ created by Imam Malik I front of the author at 10 years old, and reviewed some opus of Ibnul Mubarak and recited all of hadits by Imam Waki’ rote mastery and understanding with unprecedented.

That youngman name is Muhammad ibn Idris Asy-Syafi’i. someone who is stung by true love of the words of someone whose heart is clear.

From a story above we can learn that, in a simple word but said it with full sincerity and love, will able to change the direction of life and even a history of world.

I think, sometime what we need isn’t a long advice in a long time. But what we need sometime just one state which fully sincerity and love that could wake our soul up. Just my opinion.

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