Hmmm… Gorontalo

Gorontalo North Beach bordering the South China Sea

At Panorama Beach, North Gorontalo

Harbour at Gorut

Coconut Plantations at Pohuwato

Alhamdulillah, just arrived from Gorontalo Province, Sulawesi. Like another province at Sulawesi, Gorontalo is hot but still, i like the sceneries. Beach, corn plantation, and coconut plantations. Corn is the most popular food here, and almost revenue derived from corn plantations. But i’m sorry, i wanna ask them, why they are so forgetfull?

You know, when i ordered foods at restaurant there, they forget to cook it, and they make us waited for so long, until my plate was empty. And the food i ordered just came after we wait for 45 minutes.. >.<
And then, when i ordered lemon tea (thinking why I am always order lemon?? Haha) at another restaurant, they did the same as previous restaurant. The drink came after i ate the food, and the bowl was empty. Hmmm..

My senior told me that, the people there is lazy, so if we don’t want to miss the flight, make sure you booked the taxy and always confirm it often. Hahaha..  But, i think not all the people, there are many kind people there as well..


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