Milu Siram

Annyeonghaseyo everybody ^^

Nice to meet you this week. Hehe. I would like telling you about my trip last week to Gorontalo. Because when I arrived at my blue room, I had to report my trip, so I didn’t have enough time to write this article. But, now, in my middle work, I am going to write Gorontalo’s cullinaire.

The most  popular food here is Milu Siram. Milu means boiled sweet corn. And Siram means poured and mixed it with grated coconut, fish, and sometimes mixed with shrimp. Well, it was my first time to taste that food, my senior told me, it is not food for breakfast/dinner/lunch it is just snack. Wow. But my stomach was full after I ate it.

Hmm.. Here it comes, Milu siram complete pack..

Milu Siram traditional food of Gorontalo at C’Kia

Hmm.. you will taste the sweet corn, shrimp rebon taste, and I thought it was tuna. And I was right, this kind of fish in Milu Siram is tuna. Wow, the sense of my taste is not disminished eventhough I’ve rarely cooked since I worked. I found, I could still distinguish the taste of fish species in my tongue. Hihi. Alhamdulillah.. I don’t lose my sense. But I think my cooking skill has decrease, since I worked and rarely cooked. >,<

If you ask me, how is the taste of milu siram, haha, well, I don’t like it. The taste hmm.. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. I don’t like the smell of rancid fish and shrimp sting, even after I added lemon, the taste still not good (in my tongue). But I saw those people here really love this food.

Perhaps different culture and area, so I am not familiar with the cuisine eastern Indonesia. But I like Bandung’s food (Sundanese’s food) more than another foods.. hehe

Another typical snack at Gorontalo is Pia, I think the taste is the same, with green beans Pia, traditional food of Bandung. Or you can buy cornflakes with variety of flavors.


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