Believe it or not

waited for their dead

dog roasted

That is snake not snack, haha

Guess what? This is rat sate.

Haha, i got this from my friend Tiara, who was working at Lahendong, North Sulawesi. Well, yeah, when my trip to Gorontalo, which is near to North Sulawesi province, i heard some rumors about this. But, i couldn’t believe it. But now, I do believe it with own eyes. Wow.

What do you think about this? They (the people at North Sulawesi) ate those things? Do you believe it? Eventhough it is really really weird, but it happens in their life. My colleague told me, they used to eat them, and they said that is really delicious..

You wanna try this? Haha.. I don’t wanna..


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