My dilemma

You make me so upset sometimes, i feel like i could lose my mind.

The conversation goes nowhere, because you never gonna take me there..

Here’s my dilemma, One half of me wants ya, And the other half wants to forget, My-my-my dilemma, From the moment I met ya, I just can’t get you out of my head, And I tell myself to run from you, But I find myself atractted to, my dilemma My dilemma It’s you, it’s you

Here’s my dilemma, one half of me wants ya.

And the other half wants to forget

I just can’t get you out of my head..

Pernah denger lagu ini? Yha betul, by Selena Gomez.. Haha.. Yha, sekarang 10:47 pm (you know where am i? yes still at office, with cold, headache, and many more). Terus kenapa gambarnya bayi? Lucu aja sama gambar itu. Hehe.

Satu hal yang paling membekas di masa-masa kerja adalah ketika kamu harus berhadapan sama orang yang “udah tahu salah tapi tetep weh masih ngotot”. Itu bikin, mashaAllah, kesel ingin nangis. Hehe. Nyaris melempar gagang telpon. Heuheu. Tapi beruntung, hanya bisa tertawa miris. Sabarrrrr.

Kedua, ketika partner kerja kerjanya ga benar, terus yang kena saya. Haha. Bilang itu kerjaan saya. Ehm.. You know what, i find it hard to be patient, but still i have to.

And turn everything to Allah, what is your intention at work? If your first intention is worship to Allah, then don’t worry, you’ll find happiness, and one step ahead become His beloved servant. 

Bismillah, everything is because Allah..


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