Turtle Mate

And the miracle, this thing is not well known by any people, you know turtle? Turtle just has one mate in their whole life. When they get back for the first time, they instinctively, will fall in love with the female turtle when they first met. When forming a line on the beach, during childhood. That would be a couple forever. When they meet again, they will do turtle dance. After the female parent spawn, that couple will spilt up again. Exploring the ocean.

Season passes, when mating season arrives, they will return. Back though wounded, no matter their hard nut to crack, hands paralyzed. Returned to find their mate. Not mixed up. Not changed. Anything as far as they explore the ocean. As far as anything they see on the globe. As beautiful as any other female turtles are found.

They will come back. Back to the fate of his partner. That’s why the oath of allegiance turtle. Spoken as their little legs, the legs of their childhood to the sea. Oath of allegiance to the fate of his partner.

– Tere Liye -Sunset With Rosie


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