Piji’s Family 2010

Piji’s family

Hai, guys, this is Piji Gamais 2010. Haha, Piji means Penguin Gamais. Finally, you’ve been here to be with us in the world. Lhoo.. Geje.. And this is the member of Piji : Adjie the main chairman (haha naon deuih), Taufiq the internal manager (I don’t know why your name was written ‘Surya’ hehe), Agung the chief of Syi’ar, Wahyu the Sekjend of Region Gamais, Faiz the chief of HRD/Tarbiyah of Muslim member, Tuti the chief of Muslimah division, Nadia the vice chief of Muslimah division, and Me the chief of HRD/Tarbiyah of Muslimah member.. Haha ngarang abiss..

By the way, why your foot’s color became orange not yellow?? hehe, I guess, you are using socks?? hehe..

You know guys, I’d missed the time when we argued in different angle, when i was always complaining about something. Haha. Well, when i think it back, How annoying! haha, but it made me have a lot memories. And you’re one my best team! Hope we meet at paradise, Amiin.. Became Piji’s Family again?? hihi

Haddooooh, bukannya ngerjain laporan malah ngeblog yha.. Hihi.. Semoga suka ya teman-teman.. ^^

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