On August

Taken at Sabuga 2012 “PMB ITB at Ramadhan 1433 H”

At that moment on August 2007.  I wore my high school uniform and that dark blue  alamamter blazer. Felt nervous for the first time i got my title as student at Institut Teknologi Bandung ( Technische Hogeschool  Bandung). Looking back at the moment. I never thought i would be one of its student. But now, i graduated from that institute haha. When i think it back, if i never studied there, i would never met such wonderfull things.

If i didn’t study there, perhaps i would never meet you.. 😉
Such butterfly effect….
And now, i just realized, that thing is really great..
And I proud of being everything i belong to that institute..
There, I met so many kind man and woman..
And I met you brother sister … Hehehe
Alhamdulillah.. 🙂

*tiba-tiba rindu saat -saat kampus … fiuuuuuhhhhh
yosh.. Sulut menunggu untuk digarap!!! back to work ^^


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