The rain and the shade

To you, I keep a pile of jealousy in the hope that by shortness filled hesitation.

Too much space that i couldn’t open..

And togetherness just gives a confined space..

Perhaps, our path doesn’t intersect. Yes, your way and my way. Although, secretly, I was just looking at you with shy love..

Me and you, like the rain and shade. Have you heard their story? The shade and the rain were destined to meet, but not along way. Such is our love. Such as guessing the gray sky.

Perhaps, our path doesn’t intersect…..

-taken from synopsis Hujan dan Teduh, Wulan Dewatra

Allah, i wanna tell you everything in my mind. But, i know You know it very well. You always know, what I’m feeling, eventhough i don’t understand this feeling. You know me better than myself. You hold my soul. I beg You, let me know in real, even just one time..

I do believe to You, You know it the best. You always give me the best.. But this time, please give me a chance, if this thing is good for me, for my family, for my religion, and thereafter.. Amiin..

–> hayoo yang baca berekspektasi apa nih?? hehe.. amiin kan saja deh..


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