I want to be Imaam at Shalah Jum’ah

There is a kid named Syaiful. He never leaves shalah, especially shalah jum’ah. Every shalah jum’ah, he always stand in the first line (shaf) and listen to the khutbah..
He is a smart kid, and his parents are so proud of him, because he always do shalah and study. Beside of that, Syaiful is well known as a kid that always doing good things.
In middle and high school he got scholarship so he can live by his own. One day, in his holiday and back home. He met an Ustadz (teacher) at masjid. The ustadz asked him to be an imaam in shalah jum’ah and also to be its khatib. Syaiful really proud of him to get that chance, because he always dream to be an imaam since a little kid.
His dream came true because he can recite Al-Qur’an fluently, and his imaan made him got that chance. So, If we study hard and learn diligently, we will reach and get our dreams.

Written by Khalid Jundi Rabbani (grade 4th NAS)
Taken from Newsletter Anak Aktif dan Kreatif PKPU

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