The teacher and her students

One day, I was looking a muslimah who is teaching something to her students. She sat in front of her students. There is a chalk in her left hand and an eraser in her right hand. She said, ”I have a game, this is chalk in my left hand and this is eraser in my right hand. If i lift the chalk, you all say ”Chalk”! And if i lift the eraser, say ”Eraser”! Understand?”. The students followed her guidance. She lifted the eraser and the chalk alternately, from the slow move until fast move.

Then, she said, ”Ok, now listen to me. If I lift the chalk, say ’eraser’ and if i lift the eraser, say ’chalk’. And she did the same game like before. That changes made the students confused. But in the end, they could adapt and felt not that difficult. Then the game stopped.

The teacher smiled to her students and said : ”You know honey, that are we a Muslim. From the start, the one is right (Haq) is right (Haq), and the one is wrong (bathil) is wrong. We can clear to differentiate it. But then, our enemies force us from any way they could do, to reverse something, from the right thing to the wrong thing and the other way. At first, perhaps will be difficult for us to accept that, but because those wrong things always been socialized everytime in attractive ways by them, so eventually you become accustomed to it. And you start to follow it. You know, your enemies never stop to reverse a right thing to the wrong thing”

”Dating is not a taboo anymore, dishonest, and zinna is not the problem anymore. Mini dress is a common way of dress, sex before married is just an entertainment, materialistic and permissive is an optional style of life now, engage in a gang fight is a trend for the teenager, and so on”.

”Everything is upside down. And without realize it, bit by bit you can accept that. Understand?” Asked the teacher to them.

”Got it ma’am” answered the students loudly.


“Oke, the second game”

“I have Qur’an, I will put in on the middle of the carpet. Nah, now, you stand up in outside the carpet. The game is, how to take the Qur’an at the middle of carpet without step in on the carpet.”

The students thought the way hardly. They thought an alternative way by a stick, and so on. Then the teacher gave them a way out, she rolled the carpet and took the Qur’an. She fulfilled the requirement, not to step in on the carpet.

“Ok, you know guys, thats the Muslim and its enemies. Your enemies will not be stepping openly. Because, surely, you will reject it outright. Even thugs will not be compliant if insulted Islam in front of them. But they will roll you smoothly from the edge, so you will not realize it.”

If someone wants to bulid a strong home, so it should be bulit a strong foundation. Also Islam, if want strong, so bulid a strong aqidah. Conversely, if you want to dismantle the house, of course, difficult to unload the foundation first, so the wall decorations and the chair will be removed fisrt, the cabinet had removed one by one, then the house were destroyed…

That is the way of the enemies of Islam destroy us. They will not hit openly, but they will take you off slowly. Starting from your temperament, your lifestyle, the model of your clothes, etc. So even if you are Muslim, but you have left the teachings of Islam and then follow their way.. And that’s what they want.

These are all phenomena of Ghazwul Fiqr (Intellectual war). And this is run by your enemies. ”Understand children?”

“Got it, Mom!”

“Why did they not dare to openly trampe Islam, Madame?” someone asked.

Surely, at first they attack us openly, such as Crusades, the War of Tartar, and others. But now not anymore.” answered the teacher.

That is Islam, if attacked slowly, they will not realize, finally collapsed. But if attacked simultaneously openly, they would rise up in unison, then they will realize it. If only Muslim in Ambon (Maluku Province) for instance, is not attacked, the Muslims may be unmindfull of what was actually always had them. And then again at Suriah, Rohingya, and also at Palestine.

Then before they finished their lesson that day, they prayed toghether for the sake of islam. The sun was bright, when the children left out their learning with their own thoughts in their head.

Just found it from my old lepi, with anonymous writter, then i re-writte it in my style and in english ver.

#29 Ramadhan 1433 H

source : Oleh H. Muh.Nur Abdurrahman | Oase Iman, Eramuslim

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