Rehat dulu lah

Another short story from my trip at South Sulawesi. Since i was an enviro engineer in one big project from Ministry of General Works, well as you knew from my other post, I met some people there. People with different dialect, different ethnic, different taste of food, and so many different from me. The most different i was always be a pretty woman there, well yeah, since my partner mostly men. 😀

So, when I was at Sinjai, I met a guy, he is 3 years older than me, and he is a contractor director in the place where I was monitoring. After that, sometime i asked him for help to monitor the situation in construction area. Hehe. One day, he asked me whether i have bought a new clothes for Ied Mubarrak or not yet. At that moment, i replied him in english. And he didn’t answer. Then time after, if i talked in english, he never replied me.

So, I asked him, why. And he did reply me ‘ I don’t understand in english, but I do in japanesse’. So i tested him in japanesse (alhamdulillah I learned it in highshool, so i knew littel of it). And big surprise, he could reply me with better sentence than me. Hehe.

I was wondering (well still yeah, until now), why he can’t understand english, but his japannese is so cool. Haha. It is a bit weird, because we learned english from elementary even since we were at kindergarten. Haha. But, it taught me, don’t underestimate people! Noted! Because, every person has their advantages and disadvantages. Keep it in mind.


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