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Hey, there!

I’m Masa one of the actress at Kocakres which written by my author the best friend of my auntie (Tante Masya), well she asked me to give you information about Hijab. Do you know , what’s the date today? Yep. 4th Sept it means :

International Hijab Solidarity Day (IHSD) which falls on September 4 against the background of London Government’s decision to ban students to wear religious symbols, including the hijab, so many of the Muslims who protested this decision. This is detrimental to women, especially Muslim women should cover themselves with a loose hijab.

Therefore, the London Conference was born on 4 September 2004 which was attended by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Prof. Tariq Ramadan, and was attended by 300 delegates from 102 UK and International organizations.

The results of the London Conference were:

1. Establish support for veil

2. Determination of 4 September as International Hijab Solidarity Day (IHSD)

3. The action plan to keep defending the rights of Muslim women defend their taqwa clothes.

International Hijab Solidarity Day does not mean just wearing the hijab on 4 September, but a support for Muslim women to wear the hijab world every day, in any area, without restrictions from anyone.

Proud to be Muslimah 😉

Your beauty won’t reduce because you wear Hijab ! But, you’ll be much much more pretty when wear it. Allah looks not at your figures, nor at your outward appearance but He looks at your hearts and deeds… I mean, let’s do something to please Allah .. Be modest with your appearance.. ^^

By the way i got this from Fimadani.com and I (through Tante Masya fingers) re-writte this for you, sister :-).

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