Unexpected Moments

A couple of days ago, i went to Bengkulu. Well, yeah, this trip was unexpected, because, we went there without plan. One day before, I was at Padang, and we decided to go to Bengkulu, because our job at Padang has done in one day. So, I flew to Soetta airport, and then after that, I checked in again at airport, haha. You know what? It was like marathon you know. I landed from Padang at soetta at 2.30 pm and waited for the baggage until 3.15 pm, and took off to Bengkulu at 4.25 pm. In condition, hunger and really hot.. Subhanallah.. Fiuuuuh..

And, after I landed at Fatmawati Soekarno the airport of Bengkulu, i searched our job location. And……. Jreng jreng jreng, its about more than 250 km from the center of city. Need 5 to 6 hours. Oh My God. Really unexpected…. But, we couldn’t stop here. Because we were there, and couldn’t come back. We were really confident about our decision before, but after we knew the fact that we couldn’t come back to Bandung at Friday, whuaaa. It made us so, Hahaha, so dumb!

But yeah, the colleagea there was very welcoming, and it made us a bit comfort. Haha, even he asked me, have you got married? Haha.. ehmm.. Well, Sir,  i’m looking for the right person, and still waiting for him.. Hehe.. And he asked, ‘Do you want to work here?’. Ohoho, ‘No Sir, but thanks for the offering’, Hehe. I don’t like here, it drives me crazy with the hot air, and even, my face got darker, like i wear mask.. hahaha

So, after i did my Job, at Bintuhan, Kaur City, Bengkulu, i came back to Bengkulu. And before i come back to Bandung, i went to Bung Karno’s home there. And here it is the photos..

This used by Bung Karno’s familiy..

Love letter from Bung Karno to Fatmawati ❤

So many old Dutch books…

Well, i have so many pictures of it, but i can’t upload all these photos.. Hehe.. So, when you come to Bengkulu, don’t  forget to visit this.. 😉

Then, i went to Fort Marlbourough.. Like you can see below..

Lady in Violet… :-p

What’s so great about that fort Marlborough? Now, it has Mushalla, and the situation like in the dungeon (haha lebay..). How nice, i can feel the atmosphere in 17th century.. Wuooo.. But still, i don’t really like the hot air there.. Subhanallah.. But, still, Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me chance to see around Indonesia. Hope, i can see around the world.. Ameen Yaa Mujibasaileen..

Let’s dance in the rain of hoping something best of our short life.. Let’s pray in the rain, for always the best.. Ameen..


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