Allah is always EVERYTHING..

Well, yeah, now i’m still at office, doing my documents, preparing for workshop tomorrow at Batam Island. But I have some times to write it down for a while. Forget all my job for a moment. Haha. I have something that touched my thinking. My sister asked me about pet dog, and about its law in Islam. Well, yeah I told her what I know. I did tell her like this based on hadeeth of Rasul Allah. You can keep and raise pet, but the animal that is kept should not be a dog, because Islam has forbidden keeping dogs except guard dogs and hunting dogs.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (3225) and Muslim (2106). Would the Muslim be happy for the angels of mercy not to accompany him in his house because of an animal he is keeping?

Besides that, i told her, because dogs is unclean, and it bring so many germ, microbe that can infect human. Well, the first thing is sunnah tells us we can’t keep dog as pet, that the laws, and you can’t interrupt it. And the second thing about dog is unclean etc, it’s just a wisdom why dog is forbidden to keep as pet. Well, yeah, when i did tell her like that, she couldn’t accept that. Haha. Until for minutes ago. She keeps telling me, that dog can get vaccinated to make it healthy and clear the germ out form its body. But alhamdulillah, she told me ‘ I did read Al-qur’an in surah Al-baqara, It talks about Bani Israil that asked about cows, but  they didn’t do what they wanna know from their asking”. Somehow, she found that what she want to know is just justification not the truth. Because she want to raise a golden retriever which well yeah I like that so much too. Hehe. She felt teasing by that ayah. And, alhamdulillah she can accept that, though a bit hard to accept that in condition she really loves that dog. Haha

What i got from her is :

  1. Sometimes what we want to know about things that we know very clear bout the law in Islam is forbidden, but still we looking for the justification. We search, ask, discuss about the things with the intention to seek the truth, but in fact we seek the justification from our own intention, not the truth.
  2. Allah always shows us everything in this world, by His power, by His way,  with or without we realize it.  Like my sister, Allah showed her the fact that what she looked for is not the truth but justification to support what she wants.
  3. Allah alwasy knows us better than anybody else in this world. Turn to Allah everytime we think we get the wrong way..
  4. Allah and Rasulullah know better than us. Believe it what Allah and Rasulullah said, because everything is for our best..

Such nice day.. Thanks Allah, you give me this 🙂 I hope I will always love You and Muhammad Rasul Allah more than my self, more than my love to my mom, my dad, my family, my sisters and brothers, and my love to him 😉

Special thanks to my inspirator to write this ‘Rana’ my adorable sister.. Haha.. And always special for who always keep in touch even just 5 minutes. I really appreaciate them.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Allah is always EVERYTHING..

  1. ah ceuceu..I like dog either, esp the little n cute one..gyahaha.. furthermore, a dog is soooo loyal and isn’t like the cat, they’re not “garong” :))
    jadi kepingin melihara juga, tapi sayangnya najis yaaa….. 😦

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