6 Flights in 6 Days

Sunset in Malimbu Beach, Lombok Island

See? How nice the picture right? Well, Alhamdulillah, it’s really great scene. You know what? I Love Beach and everythings belong to it. Perhaps I spent my 22 years in high hill at North Bandung, so I was excited to saw that kind of scene. Subhanallah, It’s beautiful! I met two foreigner, Mr and Mrs, but i forgot to ask their name, haha, so we just talked a bit.

Before I flew to Lombok Island, I went to Pontianak and Sambas city at West Kalimantan Province. Hoho, all my friends said that I was lucky to have this experiences. I went to Soetta airport at Monday morning, then  headed to West Kalimantan Province during 2 days. I visited 3 cities of West Kalimantan Province, that is Pontianak where you can see Tugu Khatulistiwa, Singkawang, China town in Indonesia, and Sambas the place I did my job.

I spent most of the days at Pontianak, before i went to Singkawang and Sambas. And, again I said, I don’t like the hot air. Even, in Singkawang and Sambas.. Fiuuuuh.. Nice place for me to get ‘tan’ skin since my skin is really sensitive with UV. Haha. Next, I went to Sambas through Singkawang, when I saw the place, that place is really a replica of China town, well maybe I can see in their grave style, too much China grave style. haha. My mind flew to other memory of  Vampire in China, when I watched it in my days during childhood. Haha. And then Sambas… Wow.. Really woow.. The site I visited, was really out of my expectation, none of trees, like football field. And, surprised, when we got there, suddenly the cloud got dark, and rain came. Because in the site  there is no shelter, I’m soaked by the rain and clay from the site. That was really wet, and poor me, I didn’t take a single cloth for change, just took my coats.

This the first time, i visited the site and got rain heavily. So, when we back to Pontianak, taraangggg, there is no rain. And, when I got back to Hotel, hahaha.. You can imagine that situation right?? 🙂

The third day, I headed to Mataram, Lombok Island, and transit at Soetta airport in Jakarta. Don’t ask me, how tired I am. I can’t describe it. My body, Oh God, I can’t feel it. My body aches, and even worse I got migraine. And, my body was not delicious. Unhealthy. Hiks,, 😥

Then, I flew to Mataram.. The place I want to visit so badly. But well yeah, not in my job visiting. But still, Alhamdulillah, I got this chance. Someday, I wanna ask my hubby to spent some time in 3 Gili, the place of one paradise in Indonesia, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. You guys, it a must to visit those places! Amiin. Hehe

Here in Mataram, there are many places you can visit such as Sade Sasak Tribe Village, Malimbu Beach, Senggigi Beach, Kuta Lombok Beach, and the most important place you must visit, Mount Rinjani  by hiking. Hehe

But poor me, because i was almost missed the flight at the next day, I didn’t have chance to Visit those place. haha, but I visited and saw sunset at Malimbu beach from the hill of  foot Mount Rinjani. Alhamdulillah. Haha. Not bad I think.. After 2 days at Mataram, I flew to Bima, Sumbawa Island. Well, there is no good place such Lombok. But you can see so many foreigner from other countries visited this island for what? yeah, for surfing at Lakey beach. I met many guys from them, brought surfing boards.

But here at Sumbawa or Bima city and my workplace in Dompu, you can see so many salt ponds, even from the aircraft before landed. And the most famous thing from Sumbawa is wild horse milk and honey. Haha. I didn’t buy wild horse milk, even my senior told me it is good for masker, but i just felt weird to hear that. Haha. So i just bought Honey. Well, since it is good to recover my bad body now.

And finally, my day will end soon. Haha. After i finish my job at Dompu, I went back to Bima, and the next day, the sixth day, I headed back to Jakarta. And the worse thing, DELAY for almost 2 hours in Bima airport and Ngurah Rai airport.. Errrr… >,<

And I couldn’t come to my sister wedding.. Huhu.. But my du’a always for her, InshaAllah.. :’)

Bandung-Jakarta-Pontianak-Mewapah-Singkawang-Sambas-Pontianak-jakarta-Mataram-Bima-Dompu-Bima-Bali-Jakarta-Bandung.. What a busy week!!

So what i got form this trip are :

  1. Stay healthy no matter what. Haha. Eat nutrition food and get a good rest. But, no rest in peace. Hehe. We’ll talk it later. huhu
  2. Don’t forget to bring a good camera, better if you have SLR. So, if you are interested in photography, like me, you need it any time and any place you go. Because you can save the memory by a photo. Hehe. And, more more will be amazing to Him. The best Creator in the world. Subhanallah..
  3. I had situation, when i have to flight from Bima to Jakarta, and there is no Mushalla and you have injury time for flight, you will spend your minutes in aircraft or when my experience from Sambas went back to Pontianak in wet and dirt condition. Better if you have knowledge about Fiqh traveller (musafeer), so it won’t bother your daily prayer. Such us, prayer in the aircraft. Hehe
  4. Take so many spare time to say thanks to Allah and feel the Greatness of Allah in every way.
  5. Learn how to make a good relationship with other human in different social culture.
  6. I pray to Allah, I wanna have a trip to Mecca do tha Hadj. Amiin

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