Actually I don’t know why I used ‘Cicero’ for my title. I just finished Imperium by Robert Harris, and my head full with Cicero.. So, Hahahaha.. But what I want to write isn’t about Marcus Cicero, no don’t worry not about him. Hehehehehe

As I used to be, I looked at the row of books in my cupboard, and my eyes fell on a book. Well, it was long I didn’t study from that book.

One day, someone asked me ‘how is your arabic learning going?’. I don’t really remember the question in detail, but just always remember that question. And I answered ‘ I skipped it, huhu’. I replied the question in regretfull, and realized I lost my time.

Well, when I saw the book a while ago, I remember that friendly question and remember How is our Great Governor of West Java communicated with Ahmad Ali Amir the Agency Head in Economic from Egypt in arabic without significant difficulties. The talking was about ecomomic relationship between Egypt and West Java in manufacture, textile, etc. And I was amazed by Maher Zein the singer from Sweden, you know what? Yeah, as you knew, he really admired Mr. Ahmad Heryawan because he could talk in arabic fluently with him.

So it makes me realized something, how great if you can talk arabic. And I talked to my self, what is good to have little ability in Japanesse?French? German? Korean? But you don’t learn arabic, where the Qur’an written? How could you understand what اللّه is saying to you?

And, bismillah, let’s learn arabic again… Benkyo benkyoshimasu!!!!
#randoming when packed my stuf, preparing my trip to West Sulawesi.. Fii amanillah…

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4 thoughts on “Cicero

    • The title is Imperium, senor 😉
      And the main actor is Cicero, yes he was politician, but actually he was a great lawyer (he did learn philosophy from Molon, and became senat, aedilis, and the most privilige position, as consul at that moment)..
      Ambitious to be a consul, had a good rethoric, intelligent, hardworking, but some time he chose the wrong way to achieve his goal, like when his cousin Lucius dead because, maybe what he did for Lucius was wrong.. Hahaha

      But overall, I like the way he achieved his goal and his ambitious and how to be a smart winner in every single chance in a good way,, time for sleeping has ended.. Heuheu, just remembered when DP2Q ‘sudah berlalu masa-masa untuk tidur’…..

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