Mamasa Oh Mamasa

2 hours passed. But my head didn’t get better. Though I know the reason, why my head was still aching and can’t think as always. But I pretended not to know and always avoid seeing the doctor. Haha. Yeah, see, how stupid I am. But, still, I want to tell you my experience a while ago in Mamasa. Well to be honest, I don’t know whether this story is interesting or not, but I will keep on writing.

Mamasa is one of the new city in West Sulawesi province. The distance is about more than 130 km, it took 10 hours to get there from the provincial capital, Mamuju. It was soooo looong to reach that town. You can reach that town from two gates. First from Polewali Mandar, and second from Mamuju (the road along the airport). Because the road from Mamuju through airport to Mamasa is really bad, so we decided to take the first way, eventhough it will take some times.

From Mamuju you have to ride the car to Majene, then Polewali Mandar, and you climbed the hill road until you reach Mamasa. Mamasa is located in the mount, hill, along the river at the mount. The road from Polewali Mandar to Mamasa is climbing and cornering, up and down the hill. One side is wall rock, and the other side is cliff along the road. So you need to ride the car carefully if you don’t want to fall into the cliff. “̮♡hϱ♡hϱ♡hϱ♡”̮

Mamasa for me, like an isolated town in the mountain. There is no signal phone. Difficult to call someone through your phone and of course bothered the communication. Really isolated town. Hahaha..

Along the road, you can see so many trees, and I guessed the forest and the trees is still virgin. Hehe. Feel the breeze, the fresh air, and the smell of the forest. But, one thing you should have known about the road to Mamasa : Don’t ride the car in the night, because there is no light, and sometimes the fog came and it reduced the sight even though you use the lamp.

And then, you can see, traditional house of Sulawesi along the road. Mostly because they built the house on the cliff, they built the house from the wood, and some times I was surprised because, there is no ventilation in that house. No window. Could you imagine, your house without window? Well, such a box or cage. Hehe. Or logically I thought that, the air is cold, so they didn’t make window for their house to avoid the cold air at night. It would be like that I think. Haha.

And one thing which can’t get out of my head. The sanitation of that town (at the house along the road to Mamasa), they don’t have a decent bathroom (MCK, Indonesian knew this term right). And poor me, Haha, I saw many women was bathing in the box from wood or fabric beside the road. The water is from the fountain in the wall rock. And they transfer it by pipe from bamboo and collect it in a large bucket. So simple and sorry ‘primitive’. Well, yeah it is more primitive than in Rome at 79 AD. Well actually, I had finish reading one book by Robert Harris with the title is Pompeii. In that book, I read about how to flow the water from the mountain to the city. They called it Aqua Augusta. You know what, it is my job as environmental engineer in water supply, but in Rome, the engineer was called by Aquarius. Hehe. Actually, the book told us about the eruption of Vesuvius mount that destroyed the Pompeii city.

Oke back to the topic. Alhamdulillah, the PNPM (one of the project from the ministry of public works has been reached that place), eventhough not a decent ‘MCK’ but its not bad for them. Hehe.

Next, about the road. Well, frankly, I don’t know anything about the road. But from my opinion, this road was really small, I guessed the wide is less than 7 meters. The roads are made of asphalt, but there are so many hole. Oh, I couldn’t use any word to describe this, I just feel, the roads really bad. It can make you get nausea, even worse because the roads is serpentine/zigzag (apa sih bahasa inggrisnya berkelok-kelok) you can vomit. Lucky me, beforehand, I had lunch in small portion, because the food wasn’t tasty too. Haha. Well, the roads is good enough to mess your veil.

Next is social culture and religion. This is the most thing I will always see from a city which I visited. Majority of the citizens are a Toraja tribe. You will see from the roofstyle of the house or gateway. And of course majority is non Muslim. Because I ever attended an Islamic organization at highschool and college, so I aware of this sense. Hehe. The muslims is minority here. If I wasn’t wrong, I can count the masjid, the city just have 4 masjids. While, you will see so many church there.

Someone I knew, said that, ‘you never lived in the place where muslim minorities, because you there, in Indonesia which majority is muslim’. But now, my dear, I feel the same feeling as yours, when you live in the place where the muslims minorities. 😉

To be honest, I don’t like the sense when people stared at me, in my appearance. Well, I feel I wore the wrong costum, but I think my costum was fine. Nothing wrong. I wore hijab as always with long skirt, sandal completed with socks, and I wore hat. Do you find any wrong thing with my costume? Haha. But, I enjoyed that situation. Hihi.

So, the first thing I reported to my teacher is, “has the mentoring reached Mamasa? Because here mostly is missionary, and then when I got there, they were going to held a Regent election, and I never saw ‘our dakwah team’ participated in that election, as we did in other cities.” And my teacher, replied ‘well, perhaps because in Sulawesi we do not have many cadres as Java’. Well, yeah, it would be that.

And… You can see many balck pigs in the cage under their house with the bad smell. Or they put the pigs in the cage near the house or their rice field. Its sounds. What a freak for me. Hueksss.. But I relief, because the owner didn’t release the pigs into the streets like their cows and goats. Haha.

May Allah, give that town a good da’I to help them embrace islam. Aamiin. Hehe.. Mamasa is the last city I visited and closed my trip this year around Indonesia.
This trip always make me aware that Allah is really love me, and I must thank Him for everythings since I can still open my eyes.. اَلْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَلَمِيْن..

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