A young girl and An old man

One day in twilight, under the shade of the tree. An old man saw the young girl sat down on the bench. Her black eyes looking at something far away on the sky. With her gray veil on her head blown in afternoon breeze….

Old man : “What are you looking at, young girl?”
Young girl : “Nothing”
Old man : “No, I know you are looking at something on the sky”
Young girl : *sigh
Old man : “I guess, you are having  a difficult time?”
The Young girl smiles with tears in her eyes..
Young girl :

“Sometimes I feel tired of being alone..
But, sometimes I feel free of being alone..
But now, I am really tired being like this..
I need someone to hug me..
I need someone to kiss my forehead..
I need someone’s shoulder to lean on..
I need someone that I can talk all the night about all things..
I just I dunno what am I doing exactly?
I feel emptiness on my life..”

The old man looks her with compassion, such look his own daughter.
Old man : “ Well, I can understand what make you like this. But I know God never gives difficulties beyond your ability to deal with. Be patient ! because God be with people who are patient. “

Young girl : “Yeah, I am not impatient. Just don’t like waiting. Because dare to decide is a patient as well. And because waiting sometimes opens syaithan’s doors. So, I don’t like to wait ”

Old man : “Then what are you waiting exactly, Miss?”

That question always hanging in her heart..


Krisyan, Bandung 091012


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