Well I’m starring on screen now. Too many things to do but I don’t know which thing I have to start. If I can say this freely. Let the things out of my heart. And speak it out ! Perhaps it would the best thing I have. Hard times. For me sometimes a new place is temporary happiness, but a comfort place is everlasting.

Wow so many things dancing on my mind, fluttering in front of my eyes.

But the most thing fills my mind is I’m oversaturated of these things.

Don’t say, “be patient”, I knew that.

Don’t say, “you re getting stronger”, oh don’t worry, I am.

Don’t say, “Allah always by your side”, oh I knew that..

Don’t say anything that I had known it..

wuoo I’m getting frustrated of these…

I never know what will happen to me tomorrow,
I don’t know if these things is a blessing or a disaster,
I just prejudice either to You..

Almost every times, I couldn’t understand the reason why I got these things,
My mind get stuck on it..


# I wish I was over the mountain and yell loudly..


happy birthday Nada, with love from Ammah Krisyan.. 🙂


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