Yin Yang

Sitting on her own chair at office, the place where so many documents lay abandoned, fill all my table’s space. Can you imagine that? With raining as the backsound, accompany her in her alone in the crowd time. She feels so uneasy. So many things suffocate her chest. She wants to take a breath, but she can’t do it freely. That is so annoying! Then her sister popped up on her computer with her “No photos”.

Yang : “Oh, my God, I wanna it so desperately”
Yin : “yes, me too so desperately, I want it”
Yang : “What should we do?”
Yin : “well working hard to achieve that and let the rest to God, Isn’t it something that we can do as human?”
Yang : ” Well yeah, we’ve tried many times, but what we got? Nothing!”
Yin : ” I know, but it is something that we don’t have power to make it true such what we want, so be patient!”
Yang : “I’m tired”

Yin : “So am I. And I miss that person so badly. Do I look like an insane girl?”
Yang : “Then, what will you do about that person on your mind?”
Yin : ” Trying to let it go to the cliff”
Yang : ” Are you really sure bout that? Will you regret it?”
Yin : “Sure. I won’t regret it. Not at all”


Krisyan, Cimahi 131112 5.35 pm


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