Please end it, you’ll get hurt

Masya : When will you stop hoping someone who obviously didn’t have that kind of feeling like yours?

Qya : Haha, well you know how stupid I am.

Masya : Then, how long will you wait for him? Its almost one year, you wasted your time, and until now he doesn’t give an intention to you. Are you not tired of it? You know, I’m tired to see you like this. I don’t wanna you get hurt, that’s all.

Qya : Well, yeah, thanks for your concern anyway, I appreciate it. But, i just can’t let him out. You know, I’m trying the best to not talk to him. But, i can’t help it.. Please, do you mind if we stop talking this?

Masya : Yeah, I know how it feel, but you have to move on. Catch your dreams ! Don’t waste your time to think about him.

Qya : Gotcha, Madam. But I can’t deny, I’m still thinking about him. But I’m trying my best to forget him, and make everything bout him  in distance.


It is not easy to forget, but times will heal your pain.
Stop looking forward someone who obviously doesn’t even think about you, even just once.
Love your heart, don’t stained it with uncertain love.
Wait for the right time.
And everything will end beautifully.

You are a trial from God.
A trial to test me, how much I love Him.
I knew it clearly.
I can’t believe it, if I still hope it.

Jadi kamu mau sampai kapan nunggu? – MB
Sampai kematian menjemputku. -ME

Untuk sahabat tercinta di Tomohon sana.. Haha.. Enjoy the life, huh? If you read my piece.. Inspired from our last conversation last night. How’s the air over there?


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