Friday cooking time

Yatta, friday, the best day ever. Hehe. I don’t know but i love friday :). Today, a while ago at lunch time, I cooked with the Master Chef of Silcon, Mr. Bayu and Mr. Ayi. Such a long time, i didn’t cook. And feel my skill declined since I worked. As you know, I like cooking and looking for a new recipe and taste, but it was me one year ago, when I was a student at college. Haha. And the best time is when Daurah Gamais *, i cooked in a big pan diameter 50 cm. Can you imagine that? How much chicken on it? How much carrots and bean on it? But, it was memorable time ever in my life. Also with my partner Dyah Pitaloka Intan Puspitorukmi.

So, i tried to cook again after long time, even at my home i rarely cook, hehe. So this is it. If you are an Indonesian, you have ever heard Nasi Liwet, haven’t you? Yha, we cooked that kind of food every weeks in friday. But this time, i joined them to cook that. Starting from washed the kale (kangkung), cut Tempe, made a condiment for fried tempe and fried tofu, washed “Lalapan”, tried the tasty, etc. Well, i am always a bit perfectionist in everything, even in “cooking”, Mr. Ayi said, “oh you’re too much”. Haha. Well, i just wanna the vitamins and all the contain in the foods not wasted. So i did it carefully if cooked. :p (try to be a good housewife and good mother who knows about nutrition food, even I am an engineer, haha *so iyeh)

silcon cooking time

So here some photos about us. Because at my office doesn’t have an office girl, but we have two OB with a good skill in cooking :p . So i present to you Nasi liwet, with Kangkung, fried tempe and tofu, fried goldfish and pawn, and of course chili paste (sambel), and kerupuk Palembang. We always eat together, there was no difference in food between the superiors and subordinate. Because we are a human. Hehe..

After that my Boss bought us a tart from Holland bakery, because this month is her birthday. So she gave us tart for dessert. Haha



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