It’s code *sigh

Haha, what’s the matter with that title? Frankly, i don’t know, because my friends always say ‘#kode’. But i don’t want to discuss it, anyway. I think, i am trying to make it fun, with so many code in my life. Haha. Back to topic..

What did you do when you got bad mood? Sleeping? Shopping or window shopping? Talking? Walking? Writing? Dreaming?or do Nothing? Haha.. Well, yeah last weekend, i got that feeling *again*. What i want to do is just wanna yell loudly. Let everything in my chest out. So I can fly freely. Haha

But I spend my weekend by reading 3 books. First one is Illuminati by Henry Makow Ph.D , the second one is Da Conspiracao by Afifah Afra (I think I was falling in love with Raden Mas Rangga Poeroehita Soeryanegara (if i am right to remember his name) *sistha said I was crazy over this novel), and the last is Kinanthi Terlahir Kembali by Tasaro GK. Wow, I read those books within 2 days, between my housework, so I didnt feel bored..

But you know what, so many questions in my head. Haha. The first book tells us about Jews : Illuminate, the world new order, its kinda need full concentration to understand it, the second one about the conspiration, spirit alive, about how a man can love 3 women in one time, about tolerance, about love in silence and about fighting.

Oke, let me tell you more about this book. Da conspiracao is the third book of tetralogy Afifah Afra, the first book is De Winst (2009) and the 2nd book is De Liefde (2011). The background of the book is the history of Indonesia’s independence (Inlander Vs Nederlander), when Indonesia is being colonized by Netherland (before 1945). But you will imagine *Indonesia tempo doeloe*, the story taken place at Batavia (Buitenzorg or something), Surakarta (Kasunanan Solo), Ende (onderafdeeling of NTT), Makassar, Amsterdam, Universiteit of Leiden, etc. If you have spare time, you can read it..  🙂

So you can meet with Mr. Rangga (inlander, a grandson of the King of the Surakarta palace) and her wife Mrs. Everdine (nederlander who fall in love with him), Miss Sekar Prembajoen ( I don’t know why Rangga finally has love to his ex-fiance and Sekar as well, haha *man Oh man*), Tan Su Nio ( chinesse girl who fall in love with Rangga, and Rangga as well *sigh –> man Oh man), Maria Dewi Van Persie (fall in love with Rangga too..), –> sungguh ini kocak banget lah.. Rangga surrounded by women..

But it isnt about that kind of love stories, there are many more about faith, about how to keep your faith in different place and situation.. and Everdine Kareen Spinoza who converted to Islam after married to Rangga, and change her Name to Sjahida.. Nice story for me, haha.. Rangga oh Rangga..

And the last book I read is Kinanthi Terlahir Kembali. An awesome revenge story of a young lady who oppressed by her circumstances. The story taken place at Sukosari (Yogyakarta), Bandung, Jakarta, Riyadh, Kuwait, Miami, Morgantown, and New York. Kinanthi, well you will remember about Tembang Jawa or in Sundanesse we call it Pupuh these are : Maskumambang – Mijil – Sinom – Kinanthi – Asmarandana – Gambuh – Dandanggula – Durma – Pungkur  – Megatruh – Pocung. The song (tembang jawa/pupuh) tells us about the life journey of human from birth to death. I remember when still primary school, my teacher taught me how to sing it, but i forget it.

So, Kinanthi is a girl who grow up in poverty until 11-12th years old. She has a friend who always in her side and the only one who to talk and play with her. And after her graduation, her parents exchange her (can you imagine it?) with 50 kg of rice. So she lived at Bandung for 3 years as a domestic worker, but she still in school. In this state so many things happened and then her master sold her to a TKW agent, she will be a woman worker in Riyadh (yeah, Indonesia is well known as an exporter of woman labor in foreign country such as KSA, Malaysia, etc. So bad you know ! *sebal*). Can you imagine her feeling, in her adolescence, far from her family, in a new place, new culture, in a strange people. So sad you know.

And, as you can see and hear from the news about woman worker overseas, Kinanthi experienced it as well, with her struggle. And after that, she had a job at Miami, this was her last suffer. She met with an Indonesian woman and Egytptian woman, and she became an American. Asma, Indian descent at Morgantown adopted her as her daughter. And…. time goes by.. Kinanthi Hope to be an American woman, a professor, intelligent woman, and became one of the success person in New York..

Far in her heart she always miss someone in her village, for 16 years, his name always in her mind. Never be forgotten.. And finally she can meet that guy again after long time… and the rest you can read it. Feel her feeling when seek for Allah, how to heal her pain, try to forget the bad things, and revenge to her suffer with success, and patient with it…

** the place that no heart has ever perceived.. best of all just me and you 😉
* feeling the peace all around
*** the feeling is indescribable
* I’m so bless to have you in my life


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