Philip Andrew Fraser :)

What now? Forget everything about Rangga, hahaha.. Just found a new character in another novel. I think people are going to say I’m crazy. But that’s not my bussiness. Heheh

So, like I write on my title, Mr Philip Andrew Fraser. He was an american, he was a lecturer, he was a smoker, playboy, a bad boy, really bad probably. Hahah. He came to Indonesia as a lecturer in an international university (in that book is known as UINI). He met with a woman in black hijab, and the first time he saw the woman, he thought she was a nun. But he sadly mistaken, because she wasn’t a nun, she was a muslimah.

And guess what next? He tempted her, with a poem, song, etc. And he fell in love with her in the first sight. Wuooo.. Man ooo man.. Hahah maybe she’s beautiful, smart, and have a sense of religious. So is she interesting person right?

And one day, he decided to ask her to marry him. Well he was an agnostic before. But of course he was rejected by Miss Margriet Avilla Hasan. Hahaha. He tried to stop smoking, and other bad things just to make her happy and accept him. But of course it won’t change her decision, to not marry a wrong guy..

And day by day, Phil found his right way and converted to islam. He learned everything about his new deen. Well the first time, his intention is because wants to marry Margriet. But his love for his God, اللّه, changed him a lot. Even one day, when he met Margriet at Mr. Khairuddin’s home, he felt ashamed of what he did to her before, so he didn’t show up in front of M. When Mr. Khairuddin (his spiritual teacher) asked why he did back her, he said nervously, he was lowering his gaze.

Then, Mr khairuddin persuaded him to marry her. And well they exchanged their CV, they did istikharaa, both was agree, and their family as well. Then they married.

You know what? اللّه always make it easy to people who seek for His guidance, His love, and one thing is for sure seek اللّه because He will never ever let you down.

I don’t know I always interested in people who convert to islam and become a true muslim. The feeling when they try to seek for اللّه. The sense when they talk, think, act in more islamic way, forget the wordly material things. It is awesome you know! And the sense when Phil tried to recite Al-qur’an and tried to remember juz a’ma so his wife not get bored with the same surah when he was an imaam shalah at his little palace. I don’t know, what I feel. But when I read that part of the book, suddenly my tears flow uncontrollably. Hahah crybaby huh?

Ah yeah, I remember about Ummu Sulaim’s story when she asked to marry Abu Thalhah. In that time, Ummu Sulaim was a muslimah, and Abu Thalhah was not Muslim. Ummu Sulaim answered him ‘Yaa Abu Thalhah, the person like you shouldn’t be rejected. Yet, you are infidel (Kafiir), and I am muslimah. Yaa Abu Thalhah, it is not lawful for me to marry you in Islam. But if you convert to Islam, thats enough as a dowry for me’.

And, Abu Thalhah converted to Islam and married to Ummu Sulaim. Tsabit ra said ‘ I haven’t ever heard a woman has a dowry more precious than Ummu Sulaim’s dowry’ (An-Nasa’I from Tsabit). Sooo sweeet…

Oo yha, it doesn’t mean I’m a weirdo girl who always fall in love with a comical person. No, I’m still normal, anyway. But that character has imppressed me somehow.. Because Mrs Ifa Avyanti wrote those pieces from few true stories, not just a fictitious…

Soo, for everyone who converted to Islam, wish اللّه brighten your heart with His Light, blesses, and guides you all in His way. And for everyone who is looking for their God, believe that God is in your heart, God is close to you.. And for every muslim and muslimah, may اللّه always blesses you with His Love and guides us in His way.. Ameen 🙂

Gadungan (Galau menDung hujAn) setelah baca My Avilla mbak Ifa Avyanti 🙂

Perempuan Oo Perempuan, suddenly feel melancholic.. Huhu *_^

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