Helix Bridge Marina Bay

Helix Bridge Marina Bay

When I visited that bridge and someone took some pictures there. Feel really, Maasha Allah, how wonderfull is this bridge. Actually, i just knew the name of this bridge a while ago. When I was there, my friend kept asking, what is ‘C’ ‘G’ and ‘T’ ‘A’. My friend said, TA = Tugas Akhir (Final project for student in last semester), CG = Cantik Ganteng (Beautiful Handsome). Haha. What kind of philosophy is that.

But when I knew it Helix Bridge, I know why in the floor had a CGTA letters, it means DNA. C for Cytosine, A for Adenine, T for Thymine, and G for Guanine. Scientifical. Awesome !

One memorable thing is when I took picture, people stared, because perhaps we took half of their way..
Nice memory!

Photo by : Gunawan 🙂


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