I’m starting with the woman in the mirror

Bea : Hey babe, how’s the air up there? “Where is the love?” Honk honk.. 😀
Ramona : Hey, aunt Bea..


Mr. Rius : Could you wear Hijab, I think you’ll be more beautiful. Do not worry about a thing, You can do it !
Miss Bellin (keluar dari Nyebelin, jadilah Miss Bellin, biasa julukan baru haha) : I know, I’d love to.. But,,,

Mr. Rius : But what? Do you worry about the job? Or do you worry about what people think, say, about you?And, don’t you think the one you should worry about is Allah? You know it right?
Miss Bellin : yeah you’re right, but I just still have a big stone here. I want to do that, but I don’t know, I just…. I’m not ready in that, I need someone to support me, I need someone to rely on in my weakness time..

Mr. Rius : Yeah, tell me about that. You know, I will support you 🙂
Miss Bellin : I know.. 🙂


There’s something bothering me these days. When someone said to do things, well yeah, in that case, not had me to do that thing, but, they suggest me to do things. For instance, ” Could you wear abaya? or wear a modest clothes?”. You know, when someone tells me about his opinion about “something”, in this case, islamic thing, in which well yeah, I know the law/shariah. Well, I know it good for me, but somehow..

I’ll tell you something, the most important thing when you give a suggestion to a person, you should know, don’t touch his thought, but touch his heart. Yeah I tell you this, because I did and feel the same way, as a person who suggests and a person who is given the suggestion.

Because when you touch his thought, what you get is just an argument, no more. You know what? A moment ago someone had me to do *something*, she told she will support me etc. I think, why can I accept that? It’s not bad at all. And I just realized, the thing is, *I know the law of that something, and there’s another argument which is also true. And that is about a choice in life. Because those two *things* are right, so we can decide what we feel and think is right in a view of Islamic way. If you want to do this then go ahead, and if you don’t, then don’t. No need a constraint.

That is when a person suggest me to do something, but she just touches my thought. I can still think in different way (if that’s way is still on the right track :p). I’ll stand still in what I feel it’s true. That’s a same way, when we suggest someone to wear Hijab, sometimes they will always have so many arguments you know. And, believe or not, we feel no use to suggest to wear Hijab to her. Because, you don’t open her heart.

But, when you get the key to open her heart! Exactly, you’ll get her.. Like when my teacher said this or that, you know, she never had me to do things, and the way she talked never judge. And when she talked, I will say “yes”, not always, but sometimes, when I think I can, i’ll do it. Because her simple arguments always touch my heart.

And when I think it back, we are really need to get close to Allah. So it’ll be easier to “catch” someone to do the right thing. You know, it always feel different when you talked with someone who has a strong faith.. Feel peace and calm.. Haha..

#what am I talking about.. sorry babe, just blabbing myself :p
# I’m starting with woman in the mirror 🙂


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