A Muslim Vs Non Muslim

Someone I know who has non muslim parents, asked me about how to build a relationship with his parents. But that is an old question, I just remember it again when my teacher gave me a task to write a resume about Silaturahim between parents and brothers who are not muslim. So here it is my resume..

From Asma’ Bint Abu Bakar As-Shiddiq ra, Asma’ said : “My mom named Quatailah bint Abdul Uzza bin Asad”. Asma’ ‘s mother mentioned above, is the mother of Abdullah bin Abu Bakar. Abu Bakar had divorced her in Jahiliyah time. Her coming to see her daughter –Asma’- and brought gifts ( zabib, cheese, leather), then Asma’ didn’t want to accept these gifts, or didn’t want to put it in her house and had someone to Aisha’s house, “Asking to the Prophet pbuh”. Then Rasulullah order her to accept and put  that gifts into Asma’s house.

This event happened in peace time between Rasulullah saw and Kafeer Quraysh, after Hudaibiyah until Fathu Makkah.

Rasulullah allowed her to correspond with her mother and didn’t require her to consult with her husband, Az-Zubair bin Al-Awwam.

Sufyan bin Uyainah said “Then Allah sent down this ayat  in QS : Al-Mumtahanah ayat 8.

So, it doesn’t matter if you treat you parents who are not muslim kindly, and you should be. J

Nah, how about the relationship between a brother who is not a Muslim?

From Abdullah bin Dinar ra, said : “ I heard Ibn Umar ra said : ‘Umar saw hullah saira’ (striped jacket made of silk) for sale. Then said :” Ya Rasulullah, please buy this jacket and wear it on Friday and if you have a guest”. Rasulullah saw answered, “Truly, whoever wears it is someone who don’t get part in hereafter (akheerah)”. Then some jackets including the erlier hullah saira’ is brought to Rasulullah saw. Then Rasulullah gave it to Umar. Umar asked, “How could I wear it? While you had said as you said before?”. Rasulullah answered, “Trully I give it, not for you to wear, but for you to sale, or you give to others.”. Then Umar sent that jacket to his brother in Makkah who is still Kafeer” (Hadith Narrated by Al-Bukhari)

From that hadith we can take a lesson that a Muslim can correspond with a brother who is not a muslim.


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