There Are No Memories, It’s Ok To Forget

He doesnt know me..
But it’s ok, I’m happy to see him in distance..
I’m happy with just have been watching over you all along..
from far away, without letting you know..
Until today..
But I always think..
That I will always cherish all my memories till the end..
Even if they are sad memories that hurt me so deeply..
Even if it’s so sad that I wish I could forget about them forever..
If i can bear with them and not run away from them
Then someday
Someday it will make me a stronger person
I want to believe that
No memories should ever be forgotten forever
It’s a secret okay 😉

Someone said to me : “Just Write it! Write every confusions, every worried, sadness, that lied deep inside your hearth and memories..”
But all my feelings shut inside my mind,,

Well actually, just coincidence, i talked to someone, I want to forget something, but I don’t know how.. Then I opened my laptop, and started to watch “Fruit Basket Anime” (just wanna familiarize Japanesse language haha), then I came to this eps, and… Here I am…

Feeling touched somehow.. :p


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