Another Randomness in Fever

Guess what is the picture above? well yeah, you’re right! It is Nasi Goreng and perhaps Sate Ayam.. Haha.. I was so excited when someone I knew told me, “I like Nasi Goreng and Sate Ayam”. And in other chance i found a blog of  two  photographer, I don’t remember, but they had been in Indonesia for a moment, traveled to some cities in Indonesia. And when they came to Bandung, they said, “I like nasi goreng”.

I am wondering, why those people like this kind of food? I mean, thats very common for me, well yeah of course.. Haha. Some times I cook it in my home, from the leftover food or vegetables in  the refrigerator. Ehmm.. Sometimes I mixed the rice with carrots, sausage, onion, beans, potato, peas, etc and I add the chili sauce, or ketchup. Then I add the egg just like the picture above. And don’t forget the ‘kriuk’ thing called ‘kroepoek’, it adds a taste of crunchy thing in your mouth.. haha *ups..

Well, Indonesia has so many traditional foods and drinks, and I am proud that the people over there like our foods.. Yuhuu.. Here i give you the link about indonesian cuisine, the best cuisine ever, I can say it proudly :). Check this link.

Then, i am going to tell you about my vacation this week to Santolo Beach.. I ordered a big grilled snapper ! but humm.. the tasty is not that good, but still i like the taste of fresh snapper.. Haha



One thought on “Another Randomness in Fever

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